5 Ways to Make self love affirmations work for you

Repeating positive affirmations has the power to affect your mindset for the better if you allow yourself to believe what you tell you yourself. So even if an affirmation doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything right away, know that through the process of repetition you will eventually train your brain to accept what you keep repeating.

Read the below steps for the different ways you can make your self love affirmations work better for you. .

  1. List all of the things you like and don’t like about yourself. This is all about you so take your time and be honest with your answers, this can include physical things like appearance, weight, but should also include mental and emotional things like mindset, self-confidence and self love. These are the main you should make specific affirmations. Next you should either find pages, like this self-love affirmation page or create your own affirmations, tailoring your affirmations to your specific needs.
  2. Write out these affirmations pointing out the positive aspects of your personality. Get more in depth about yourself and write down specific traits or characteristics you want to focus on. Only you know yourself more than anyone else but I always find a little help goes a long way so, ask a friend or relative what they think your positive aspects are and dot those down too, the more the better!
  3. Repeat your affirmations aloud for 5 minutes, a few times a day. Morning, noon and night. This repetition will slowly help to drive the thoughts home.
  4. Make a nice image of the affirmations you can sometimes look at. Pleasant images around an affirmation help to subconsciously equate the affirmation with the good things those images represent. Feel free to download, and use any of the large self-love affirmations on this page. That is what they are here for.
  5. While you are repeating the affirmation, work on your vision. Breathe in slowly. Hold the breath for a beat and slowly exhale while repeating your affirmation, picture yourself doing and being. Remember, manifesting your affirmations this way is a great way to get your mind into a routine of positive thinking.

5 Important Things to Remember about Self-Love

  1. Self love is not conditional. You don’t need to get something to love yourself. Self love is not conditional love, its very much unconditional therefore you shouldn’t practise self love based on any conditions for example imagine telling yourself “I will only practice self love, if only I lose 10 pounds” when truth is, you need to love yourself even if you gain 10 pounds.
  2. Self love is about compassion. When you practice self love you have empathy for others. It is not about always putting yourself first, but about helping yourself, so that you have the ability to help others.  Just like putting your gas mask on before helping a child. IF you are not empathetic and willing to help others you are not truly practicing self-love.
  3. Self love is not about vanity. It is not about staring in the mirror and thinking how beautiful you are. It is about being at peace with who you are. People who are vain or conceited often lack self love and their superior attitude actually stems from trying to convince themselves and others of their worth.
  4. Self love is about facing your fears. Someone who loves themselves does not hide from  their problems. They face them head on and work to make them better. They understand that THEY are a work in progress and as long as they keep working they will continue to improve.
  5. Self love is not defensive. When you love yourself you are comfortable with your actions. YOU do not feel the need to prove you are right. You do not feel the need to argue over implied slights. You are comfortable in your own skin.

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