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Vanessa Klas In Singapore

Sooo…last year October 28th I woke up in one in my dream destination for my birthday and I couldn’t stop smiling (Thanks babe). I had no idea where I was spending my birthday up until a few days prior. This was a 3 destination vacation with our first being Singapore. The amazing opportunity to visit to Singapore, one of the best places to travel in Southern Asia. It was a short and memorable stay in a city that over the decades has skyrocketed to worldwide recognition fame for its stunning natural and architectural beauty, its melting pot of cultures, and its world-class economic prowess in shipping and banking.
Last year, I made a list of my top 10 travel destinations and made a promise to myself to try and travel to them all. Being able to travel gives me so much freedom and planning a holiday is for me as exciting as planning a wedding. 


Things to note about Singapore…When you’re budgeting for your trip here, keep in mind that Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
Currency: The Singaporean dollar (SGD) is the currency of choice here. Currently, £1 GBP will get you $1.33 in Singapore dollars.

Language: Most locals are bilingual – proficient in English and either Mandarin, Malay or Tamil.
Cards vs Cash: Debit and Credit cards are accepted in majority of places, but you should definitely have some cash on hand mainly for food stalls, coffee shops and other small purchases as some areas don’t have card payment facilities. I would recommend using cash during your trip as it helps you keep track of spending and in most cases avoid transaction fees that come with overseas card payments.

Oasis Novena Hotel Singapore


Singapore is  famous for its architecture. When searching for accomodation, you have endless options from budget to luxury.
We stayed at the Oasia Novena Hotel located 30mins from the main airport and 5mins from the metro train station which had easy access to china town, marina bay sands. 
Booking accommodation in singapore is straight forward, most hotels accept all card payments with the option to reserve your room and pay on arrival. The hotels are pricey if your opting for 4*+ ratings and also keep in mind you will have to pay a tourist tax on arrival ($40-55 singapore dollars)
One of the things I loved about the hotels was how clean they were, on a scale from 1-10 Singapore is 9/10 cleanliness, both inside and outside hotels. I soon found out, this is applied to the streets and most public places, Singapore as a whole is a clean city to live in.

Getting around in Singapore…

Getting around in Singapore was super easy thanks to the frequent taxis and public transport services. In most city hotels in Singapore they are usually taxis available parked outside. If you opt for this option I would recommend getting your hotel reception to book one for you or using a taxi App service similar to Uber called Grabe to book your ride. Fares are cheaper than the traditional taxi ride. When booking a ride keep in mind that they after 6pm the peak rates charge kicks in. so it can get expensive quickly.
Public transport is the easy and affordable way to get around Singapore. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Similar to the London Underground is super convenient and the cost of tickets depends on where you are going. If you want to explore and visit as much of the city as possible, the Singapore Tourist Pass is the ideal ticket. 
Singapore city centre – Grabe Taxi shot by Vanessa Klas

Where to go..

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a large, green area located near the Marina Bay Sands. Think of it as a futuristic version of an 18th century botanical garden! 

The Mall at Marina Bay Sands.
This was the top of my list of things to see in Singapore, and I’d been looking forward to it for a while. But it’s not often you visit a shopping mall with a canal complete with boats running through it.  
Sampan Boat Ride in Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Where to Eat…
If you’re a foodie like me you’ll love the local cuisines Singapore has to offer. I’m such a foodie, I love exploring different cultural dishes and would like think i’m open to trying something new once.

First Stop was the Food Hall at the Marina Bay Sands which we absolutely loved! The food was 9/10.

Lunch at Marina Bay Sands – Singapore @eatwithklas

Guys, The food was amazing! literally better than I expected. With so many options to choose from I felt like a such a rookie when it came to cuisines because the options were endless. I ended up opting for Pineapple infused Jasmine rice, fried egg with sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls which came to about £23 including drinks.

Created with RNI Films app. Preset ‘Agfa RSX II’


The Complex Food Centre located at Block 335 Smith Street and close to Marina Bay is the one if not the largest hawker centre in Singapore Home to over 260 street food stalls serving the authentic Singaporean cuisines you can imagine also boosting the world’s first Michelin hawker stall.

Food at chinatown food stalls is a lot cheaper than Marina Bay Sands, for those on a budget I would recommend trying the food stalls here first beffore going to marina bay. Prices ranged from £6-13 for a plate per person as compared to £15-20 per person at marina bay.

Food Page @eatwithklas

Overall, my short stay in singapore was amazing, considering it rained for 2 out of the 4 days, I still managed to enjoy myself the 2 days I did spend outdoors. The other 2 days I spent at the hotel enjoying the suana, pool and room service and local mall across the hotel which had a few other restaurants but the purpose of my visit was for two things CAKE and popeyes chicken. ( Funfact: This was the first time I had ate popeye, especially after all the hype around the chicken burgers.

The locals are friendly and helpful which out my mind at ease as not a lot of people spoke english were we went but still managed to assist me when ordering food or asking for directions. Most of the streets in Singapore are a lot cleaner than expected due to their strict laws all citizens and tourists have to abid by. Littering and chewing gum is apparently a crime which if found guilty carries a fine of $10,000 singapore dollars.

I will be posting my Singapore VLOG shortly which will have a lot more videos and photos from the 3 day break.

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  1. Steven Botley
    August 9, 2020 / 10:30 pm

    Thanks for writing this article! Singapore is one of my top places to go in my bucket list. The aesthetics in the pictures are incredible. The beauty of the city matches the beauty of the author of this article🙃

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