2020 Reflection: A Year of Healing and Growth.

2020 was no doubt the most challenging and unpredicted year of me and so many of you. I mean, nobody expected a global pandemic like covid-19 and the chaos that followed with the lockdown and restrictions that didn’t seem to end. Like many of you, I had my plans for the year which included travelling abroad, attending events, meeting up with family and friends for brunch more social and networking gatherings as a whole was one of my goals. Sadly, covid had other plans for my year which literally forced me to re-plan my plans in the midst of uncertainty.

But it wasn’t all bad, considering the fact that it was/still a pandemic happening. Having spent some time reflecting on how my year was over the past few weeks, trying to summarise my Wins and lessons, I thought it’s best we start where it all began…

The lockdown effect

2020 as a whole really tested my mental and spiritual strength. I went through periods of highs and lows, suffered depression and heartbreak all in one year. It was easy to fall into a daily routine which became stagnant and very repetitive. Being at home during lockdown especially living alone also meant I had a lot of time to myself. Time to think, reflect and live in the moment. With more covid cases being reported, it was an uncertain year for all of us. It triggered a lot of my anxiety within me which needed to be exposed so I could work on myself more . It pushed me to step outside my comfort zone many times. I used lockdown as an opportunity to heal, learn, grow and adjust. l stopped watching the news as often, I stopped viewing things that triggered me and focused more on the positives. I slowly re-planned my year, from personal matters to business, I adjusted my monthly goals, prioritised my mental health, achieved some goals and wrote down personal targets that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year.

My work – Life – selfcare Balance

The first few months of 2020 were unpredictable as many of us were unsure how the pandemic would affect many aspects of our lives especially in the job/career department. If you remained employed last year – be grateful, as many people where faced with job cuts resulting in breaking numbers of unemployment, Some employees where placed on furlough whilst others transitioned to working from home. I was fortunate enough to still be able to work from home with a few months on Furlough which I used to finish my studies and focus on my projects and goals for the year.

My daily routine changed drastically. I went from a regular routine pre-lockdown of early mornings to freestyling my day waking up whatever time my body decided, not having a clear daily routine then actively creating a structured routine that was more healthy for my productivity and selfcare. That meant following a morning and night time routine.

My mindset and attitude towards work and life changed for the better as I slowly started following a more healthy routine. I dedicated more time working on my mental health more than my physical as my thoughts and attitude where the driving force for surviving most of the craziness I experienced. Trust me, there were many occasions I felt like giving up but I always Remembered,

“Your mindset is the root of all your actions”

NOTE: I created my ideal work – life balance. I will be creating and sharing a list of helpful self care and personal apps I used for my personal use and business growth.

Holiday abroad to cheer me up

One of my favourite things to do is travel. Like I had my travel destinations for the year all planned out, from city breaks in Europe to sunny beach holidays back home in south africa. Covid meant travel was and still is unfortunately restricted to most holiday destinations. My first short break holiday of the year was Amsterdam in March 2020 however 3 days in, the government officially announced they were locking the city down and. I travelled back home to london as more cities were being placed on lockdown due to covid.

Vanessa Klas – Cannes – France September 2020

Although I had mentally cancelled any idea of being able to travel abroad let alone leave London. I was able to take 3 spontaneous city breaks to the south of france with one of my closest friend. September 2020 we travelled to Netherlands, Cannes followed by Monaco, one of my newly added favourites places to travel, I needed the break for my mental peace and sanity. This was definitely a positive highlight of my year, it bought back some sense of normality seeing other holiday goers abroad ( social distancing and following guidelines off course ) Take a look at my travel posts on the destinations above for more details

My biggest Lessons learned…

Last year was definitely a year of lessons and growth for me. I learned so much about myself because I had all the time to self reflect and really be honest with what I needed to change internally and externally. I learnt to be more vulnerable and open about my feelings and not shut people out – I’m usually very private and prefer dealing with things by myself. I had to break habits, heal from heartbreak, get myself out of depression and work on myself, all of this allowed me to embrace the chapter I was in, especially when it came down to how my last relationship, settling down and how I wanted the lessons learned in 2020 to make me a better women in 2021.

My Biggest Achievements

Ahh the good stuff! One of my biggest accomplishments last year was finally completing my health practitioner course, however with the delays caused by covid it took longer than expected but I finally did it and becoming a qualified Foot specialist Practitioner and adding my skills to expand on my family’s business has by far the most exciting and rewarding experience so far – it’s only the beginning.

My second biggest achievement was finally launching my online brands creating. The first brand being Rarity The Label, created from my love for simple statement jewellery. Made for women and men.

Rarity The Label – www.raritythelabel.co.uk

My third achievement for the year was finally starting a motivational page for women who want to heal and level up in life and relationships. As an advocate for healthy love and growth, I wanted to create a space to inspire other women around the world to become the best version of themselves.

So What’s next…

Looking back at the previous year, I can definitely say it changed me for the better. It prepared me for what’s coming this year and the future and for that I’m grateful. It’s never too late to start, as long you start. I’m manifesting an amazing year ahead full of new opportunities, more blessings, more self growth, more healthy love. I’m excited for 2021!

Share your 2020 lessons and achievements below x

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  1. Rutendo
    January 14, 2021 / 7:39 pm

    Love how open and vulnerable you are with your fans! Rooting for your success, you deserve it ❤️

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